Six things to consider before remodeling
A remodeling project of any size can make a big difference in a family’s quality of life and the resale value of a house. Renovations can be stressful, but the result almost always outweighs the inconveniences. Tim Whelan, award-winning builder and owner of T. Whelan Homes Inc., suggests homeowners consider the following before beginning a home remodeling project.

Make a list of everything you want remodeled in your home.

Then prioritize the list. “A lot of times we’ll go to a client’s home only to be inundated with ‘wants’, and no real sense of what are priorities or what is realistic for the budget,” says Whelan. “Prioritizing before building begins helps both of us to focus”

Set your budget.

A budget range helps the builder keep plans within the scope of financial realities.

Consider the timeline and alternate living arrangements.

To minimize stress on the family and pets, it might be a good idea to schedule the bulk of the work while you are on vacation or when you can stay somewhere else. If portions of a house will be exposed to the outdoors, spring or summer are the best seasons for remodeling,” says Whelan.

Think about the division of labor.

Are there things in the remodeling project you’d like to do yourself? Be honest with yourself about your capabilities and what is best handled by the builder.

Check contractor references, licenses and insurance.

“Get a comprehensive quote and contract, and look thoroughly through the specification sheet and contract making sure all budgets and allowances are realistic and obtainable” says Whelan.

Other things to ask yourself when selecting a contractor:
Will you be anxious if this person is in your home while your children watch TV in the next room?

Do you like the contractor’s demeanor and sense of design style? “Go with your gut and don’t settle until you’ve found a remodeler you feel comfortable with,” says Whelan.