We take the Building Process very seriously at T.WHELAN HOMES INC. Because it is critical to the success of the project. Understand that any building project is a Team Effort and we are here to work hand in hand to guide you through the complexities of the process. There are several steps in the process of bringing all the visions, concepts, and ideas to reality.

· Pre-Design Product Definition: We will meet to discuss the size and nature of your project, examine the property that is to be built on, talk about your needs or “wish list” for the project and discuss styles. We will also want to know if you have chosen an architect or designer, so that we may coordinate our efforts. Most importantly, this is also the time to review or create a Targeted Budget.

· Preliminary Plans: Once a set of preliminary plans have been drawn up for the project we will meet again to review and compare the plans with the building site and to your targeted budget. Changes may be necessary due to project site placement, budget constraints, or zoning issues. This is very normal at this stage.

· Preliminary Estimate/Pricing Plans: At this point, the plans are 80% complete, so we then start applying general costs to the project and compare that number to the targeted budget. This process is not a formal bid, but gives all parties an estimate of the total cost of the project based on all available known information.

· Budget Estimate: When the plans are approximately 100% completed we will request final bids from all of our Trade Contractors and Suppliers and then prepare a Budget Estimate. The Budget Estimate consists of a Construction Cost Breakdown and Allowance Estimate Sheets. This will be our written offer to build your new home or new addition/renovation for the Total Sales Price shown.

If there are any areas where you have not made a final selection – for instance, tile or floor coverings, landscaping, etc. – these items will be identified as Allowances in the Budget Estimate and Allowance Estimate Sheets will be included in the Budget Estimate. This enables us to arrive at a Total Sales Price for your new home while allowing you more time to consider different options.

Allowances are discouraged as they tend to give the customer a false pretense in that whatever their selection may be for that particular item, the cost will be covered under the allowance amount.

If the quoted price is acceptable and you are satisfied that you have made all the adjustments and changes you want, we will prepare a BUILDING AGREEMENT and prepare Permit Plans.

· Building Agreement (Contract): Our Building Agreement is a very thorough document that will contain a legal contract along with a complete set of specifications and general conditions that will be tailored to your project. Our Specifications are developed with details in mind as they will provide detailed definitions of construction methods, materials and finishes. Our Specifications work as a companion to the Building Agreement to fully describe in detail your construction project. Upon the mutual agreement and signing of this document we will begin work on your project.

· Pre-Construction Meeting/Site Visit: We will review all expectations of the construction process, the schedule, quality, and procedures at this time. We will also want to create a comfortable pattern for future communication and identify any remaining questions or concerns.

· Change Orders: Of course changes can be made at any time during construction. However, once the Permit Plans and any required engineering have been completed and a building permit obtained, a change could necessitate re-drawing, re-engineering, and re-approval by the building department and/or the homeowners’ association and architectural review committee. These extra steps are costly and can cause delays in starting or progressing with construction. To avoid this, we encourage you to take full advantage of the design and pricing process to think out loud about your home and arrive at a plan that serves all aspects of your housing dream.
· Construction Progress Meetings: Once the construction has started we like to arrange a weekly meeting to review the progress and discuss any questions. Keep in mind that we will also be communicating with you through e-mail and by phone throughout each week. This will help all parties involved of any issues that may arise